About Style Fairies

Style Fairies came about through Alana and Karen’s experience styling their own and friends homes for sale.  Compliments came from both prospective buyers and Real Estate Agents on achieving great sales.

Services for real estate agents

Real Estate Agents were constantly commenting that they wished there was a company that could do this for their clients.  Hence Style Fairies was born.

Agents stated that we ‘worked magic – like waving a magic wand over the property’.  Magically your property can be transformed in one day from disaster to designer residence.

Ben Robinson [Robinson’s Property] : agents need to know a client well to be able to broach the issue of the need for a stylist.

Carefully furnishing each room

We can completely furnish every room of your home with our comprehensive range of rental furniture or we can work with what you already have to accessorise and enhance your property.

On your initial obligation free consultation we assess your home and discuss what it needs to maximise it’s sale potential.

We will suggest what you can do to help minimise costs, such as de-cluttering and packing away.  We will advise costing and once agreed upon; we will  schedule a day for the transformation.


Ben Robinson [Robinson’s Property] : property styling is an investment in the potential sale price,
there must be a benefit for the styling investment,
just like deciding whether it’s worth giving a house a lick of paint pre-sale.

Benefits of Style Fairies property styling for real estate agents and vendors

A professionally styled property for sale will invariably fetch a higher price than expected, one that well exceeds the cost of the property styling and it will sell faster according to Mark Kentwell of PRD Newcastle who estimates that a vendor who budgets 0.5 percent of their estimated property value on styling, and another 05. to 1 percent on marketing, can lift their sale price by up to 10 percent.

The following is an extract from an article in the Newcastle Herald citing Ben Robinson of Robinson’s Property and his further thoughts on property styling and short term furniture rental.

Robinson’s Property agent Ben Robinson, who uses stylists on about one in 10 of his property sales, agrees.

In the realty game for 23 years, Robinson dates the trend back to about 2000, when developers of off-the-plan apartments began to use stylists to furnish a ‘‘show unit’’.

‘‘The reason for that was because people would naturally walk into a two-bedroom apartment and say ‘will that fit a queen-size bed’ … and you’d say ‘Look, you can get a queen-size bed, two bedside tables and a chest of drawers’ and they would look at you going ‘he is full of shit, he’s in real estate’.’’

‘‘Sure enough, when [furniture] is there, people walk out because it’s a tick, and that’s the important thing.’’

Robinson most commonly uses stylists to furnish and stage vacant homes, but says vendors are increasingly asking for decorative pieces – a mirror here or lamp there – ‘‘to zhoosh things up, add a female touch’’.

He is adamant there must be a benefit for the styling investment, just like deciding whether it’s worth giving a house a lick of paint pre-sale.

But he says owners of vacant properties can risk ‘‘north of $10,000’’ if they don’t invest $3000 to $4000 to have it styled and filled with furniture.

‘‘The difference between something furnished and unfurnished means we will sell it quicker and certainly get a stronger price for it,’’ he says.

If the purchasers of a home are likely to be planning on living there and so placing themselves in the scene when they walk through a house then it makes sense to simplify that process of imagination for them by arranging and installing suitable furniture.

This is the job of the professional property stylist such as Style Fairies and  the ongoing urban renewal of Newcastle will lead to more demand for their profession, which they still find exciting after all these years.


Movie set props and styling

Did you know… Style Fairies provided props for Tomorrow, When the War Began, which was filmed in the Hunter Valley and Raymond Terrace.

This was an interesting and unusual commission for Alana and Karen, quite different from the day-to-day work of styling living rooms and bedrooms for sale but they really enjoyed it and would be happy to work with movie and tv producers in the future if the opportunity arose.

The sorts of props that Alana and Karen sourced were a meat safe, vintage furniture like chairs and bookcases and a car. Plus they each had a small part as an extra for a day which was a lot of fun and quite interesting to get behind the scenes of the production.